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Chapel Ridge Farms is a family farming operation located in Southern Adams County in South Central Pennsylvania on 400 acres of land free of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides where we raise Santa Gertrudis cattle without the use of antibiotics and hormones; which is then sold at an on-site farm store.

Having been raised on farms as were our forefathers, we have always strived to produce beef that tastes like good, farm-fresh, unprocessed meat should taste. Sustainable farming practices mixed with hard work and a strong belief in meeting consumer demands have resulted in the production of tasty, lean, healthy beef that not only tastes good, but also will not harm you.

Our Santa Gertrudis cattle are naturally lean, smooth muscled, hardy and gentle, which results in lean, tender, and juicy meat. You may have experienced lean meat that is dry, tough, stringy and tasteless. Just as humans have different body types, so do cattle. European breeds of cattle have a large amount of body fat to provide warmth and energy in cold climates. You can reduce the feed intake of a European breed and produce a lean animal; it will not however have the favor and juiciness of an animal that is genetically bred to be lean, which our cattle are. We encourage you to visit the history of the Santa Gertrudis breed located at Santa Gertrudis Breeders International.

Chapel-Ridge Farms currently runs 5 herds with completely different bloodlines to insure proper breeding as well as maintaining a "closed herd", meaning that we don't buy other cattle at sales and bring them to our farms to feed and fatten. We raise cattle from conception to consumption. When calves are "weaned off" they are evaluated and divided into three groups: (1) Freezer Beef; (2) Purebred Breeding Stock; (3) Commercial Stock.

  • Freezer Beef: These animals are immediately put on a feed ration designed to produce an animal that will reach slaughter weight at 15 months. They are given no growth implants (steroids) or antibiotics. They are hand fed and monitored daily for any health problems. Should a health problem arise that requires an antibiotic (and that does happen from time to time) they are pulled out of that group and put into the commercial cattle group. As a freezer beef customer, you can be assured that you will not consume any drug residues from beef purchased at Chapel-ridge Farms.
  • Purebred Breeding Stock: These are the elite animals that are used as herd replacement heifers and bulls or are sold to other breeders to improve their herds.
  • Commercial Stock: These are animals that are in excess of the above categories, and are sold on the commercial market by private treaty to commercial cattlemen or are sold at livestock auction.

All purebred and commercial cattle are priced for pick-up at Chapel-Ridge Farms, however, delivery can be arranged.

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